Verbatim 3.5" Store’n Save 4TB HDD, USB3.0, crni

Šifra: V047685

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Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


– Capacity: 4TB – Interface: USB 3.0 – Rocker switch (hard button) to switch on/off – Nero "BackItUp and Burn Essentials" software – create your own back up from your PC/Laptop hard drive to your portable hard drive – Nero "Express" gives you the option to burn your files to CD or DVD, and with Nero RescueAgent you have an option to recover files should they become damaged – Dimensions (L×W×H): 192×118×49 mm – Product weight: 1 kg – Green Button software suspends the hard drive from spinning while not in use increasing efficiency and saving energy – There are 3 "Sleep Setting" options: * Set the suspend mode to come in after 10 minutes of use, or by increments of 10 minutes up to 120 minutes * Set the drive to suspend immediately by double clicking the Green Button icon on the desktop * Set the drive to Never Suspend the disk

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