TP-Link Smart višenamjenska pametna tipka

Šifra: Tapo S200B

Jamstvo (mj): 24 mjeseca


Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


– Smart Actions – Control and set multiple lights, electronics, and other Tapo smart devices with the button – Customized Actions – Single tap, double tap, and rotating options enable you to trigger multiple actions, from just one button – One-Click Alarm – Family members can use the device to get help in times of need – Control From Multiple Locations – Control electrical fixtures from multiple locations with Tapo smart buttons – Long Battery Life – The battery will last more than one year Specifications NETWORK – Standards and Protocols: 868Mhz / 922MHz – System Requirements: iOS 10+, Android 5.0+ GENERAL – Operating Temperature: 0~40°C – Dimensions( H X W X D ): ?43.5 x 16.9 mm – Power Requirements: CR2032 Battery SYSTEM – Hub Required: Yes PACKAGE CONTENTS * Tapo S200B * CR2032 Battery * Mounting Template * Anti-slip Tape * Double-sided Tape * Quick Start Guide

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