Sharkoon Light2 200 optički igraći miš, RGB, 16000dpi, USB, crni

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Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!

– Lighter than light = Light2: For the fastest mouse movements and the most precise maneuvers, weve mercilessly reduced the Light2 200 down to its bones – With a weight of only 62 grams, this is not only our lightest mouse – Its one of the lightest ever produced – All physical limits are nullified with its highly precise sensor of up to 16.000 DPI, an ultra-flexible cable, and five mouse feet made of pure PTFE for extreme sliding properties – Interchangeable elements and adjustable RGB illumination ensure that the Light2 200 is perfect for every taste as well as being technically superior LIGHTNESS THROUGH STRUCTURE – Due to the honeycomb structure of the sides, underside and the top surface, the weight of the gaming mouse has been reduced to its most essential – With only 62 grams, the Light2 200 is as light as air under your fingertips and enables fluid movements without noticeable resistance or fatigue SMOOTH HANDLING – The low weight of the Light2 200 does not stand in the way of perfect handling: With a size of 120×66×42 mm and a shape that inclines toward the right-hand side, the mouse fits perfectly in both small and large hands and supports a variety of grips – The honeycomb structure of the sides of the mouse also provides additional grip while gaming – Five mouse feet made of 100 percent PTFE for perfect sliding and an ultra-flexible, sheathed cable all support a smooth and immersive experience in the game without limitations impinged by hardware PERSONALIZED DESIGN – For maximum customization, the Light2 200 has a modular design – Elements of the mouse body can be changed according to personal wish – The magnetically attached top surface with its honeycomb structure can be quickly and simply removed and replaced with a closed 3-gram alternative – Also, the detachable top surface makes the mouse easy to clean at any time – For even more customization, the mouse comes with three extra interchangeable DPI buttons – The slim black button can be replaced with a blue button of the same size or, alternatively, a red button, which is slightly higher for enhanced access TECHNOLOGY AT eSport LEVEL – The optical PixArt 3389 sensor of the Light2 200 provides a professional resolution of up to 16.000 DPI – This can be modified for any gaming genre via the wide-ranging gaming software – In addition, the most important actions can be instantly performed with the help of the six programmable buttons – For a long-life cycle of up to 20 million clicks, the left and right mouse buttons are equipped with high-quality Omron switches PRECISION COUNTS – For atmospheric highlights and an even higher degree of personalization, the Light2 200 is furnished with RGB illumination on the scroll wheel and on the back end of the mouse – Using the software, this can be adjusted as desired with colors and effects Specifications GENERAL – Max. DPI/CPI: 16.000 – Min. DPI/CPI: 50 – Sensor: Optical – Chip: Pixart PMW-3389 – Illumination: RGB – Max. Polling Rate: 1000 Hz – Frames Per Second: 16.000 – Inches Per Second: 400 – Max. Acceleration: 50 g – Honeycomb Structure: Yes – Customizable Design: Yes – Mouse Feet: 5, Pure PTFE – Weight Without Cable: 62 g – Dimensions (L×W×H): 120×66×42 mm – Supported Operating Systems: Windows BUTTON PROPERTIES – Number of Buttons: 6 – Programmable Buttons: 6 – Durable Omron Switches in Left and Right Mouse Buttons: Yes – Operating Life Cycles of Buttons: Min. 20 Million Clicks DPI PROPERTIES – DPI Steps: 400; 800; 1,200; 2,400; 3,200; 6,400; 16,000 * DPI steps are customizable through the software – DPI Switch: Yes – DPI Indicator: LED SOFTWARE PROPERTIES – Gaming Software: Yes – Onboard Memory for Game Profiles: Yes – Capacity of Onboard Memory: 64 kb – Number of Profiles: 5 CABLE AND CONNECTOR – Connector: USB – Gold-Plated USB Plug: Yes – Ultraflexible Cable: Yes – Textile Braided Cable: Yes – Cable Length: 180 cm PACKAGE CONTENTS – Light2 200 – Interchangeable Top Cover – Interchangeable DPI Buttons – Additional Set of Mouse Feet – Manual

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