Sharkoon Light2 100 optički igraći miš, RGB, 5000dpi, USB, crni + Sharkoon 1337 V2 M igraća podloga (POKLON)

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Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!

Sharkoon Light 2 – The Light 100 supports rapidly executed movements while enabling hours of fatigue-free use, thanks to its lightweight design of only 78 grams, outfitted 100% PTFE mouse feet and ultra-flexible cable – Likewise, the Light2 100 also attracts attention with its adjustable RGB illumination and high performing optical sensor with up to 5.000 DPI – Six programmable buttons and a user-friendly gaming software for customized settings round out an already impressive gaming mouse COMFORTABLE TO USE – With a weight of only 78 grams, the Light2 100 lives up to its name – This, combined with its ergonomic right-hand design, guarantees exceptional handling and maneuver commands, resulting in gaming actions being easily performed and cramped wrists being a thing of the past – Two large, tactile thumb buttons ensure comfortable use and easy access no matter the hand placement UNIMPEDED ROOM FOR MANEUVER – The Light2 100 is equipped with three large mouse feet made of 100% PTFE, which bolsters it with excellent gliding properties – In addition, an ultra-flexible, textile braided cable provides almost unrestricted freedom of movement ILLUMINATION IN STYLE – The RGB illuminated logo, scroll wheel and strip on the mouse rear-bottom provide stylish yet subtle highlights to an already sleek design – Using the downloadable software, the colors for the lighting can be freely selected from the entire RGB spectrum, and various options of lighting effects are available PRECISION FOR ALL PURPOSE – The built-in PixArt 3325 sensor, with up to 5.000 DPI in seven customizable steps, offers precision for every purpose – Through the gaming software, regularly used commands can be conveniently assigned to any of the six programmable buttons PERSONALIZED, THANKS TO THE GAMING SOFTWARE – Whether it’s for macro recordings or for customizing the RGB illumination or for adjusting each of the DPI steps – the downloadable software of the Light2 100 offers essential and clearly arranged functions for personalized configuration Specifications GENERAL – Max. DPI/CPI: 5000 – Min. DPI/CPI: 200 – Sensor: PixArt 3325 – Illumination: RGB – Max. Polling Rate: 1000 Hz – Frames Per Second: 4000 – Inches Per Second: 100 – Max. Acceleration: 20 g – Mouse Feet: 3, Pure PTFE – Weight Without Cable: 78 g – Dimensions (L×W×H): 120×66×42 mm – Supported Operating Systems: Windows BUTTON PROPERTIES – Number of Buttons: 6 – Programmable Buttons: 6 – Durable Omron Switches in Left and Right Mouse Buttons: Yes – Operating Life Cycles of Buttons: Min. 20 Million ClicksDPI PROPERTIES – DPI Steps: 7 (DPI steps are customizable through the software) – DPI Switch: Yes – DPI Indicator: LED SOFTWARE PROPERTIES – Gaming Software: Yes – Onboard Memory for Game Profiles: Yes – Capacity of Onboard Memory: 64 kb – Number of Profiles: 5 CABLE AND CONNECTOR – Connector: USB – Gold-Plated USB Plug: Yes – Ultraflexible Cable: Yes – Textile Braided Cable: Yes – Cable Length: 180 cm Sharkoon 1337 V2 M igraća podloga – With the 1337 V2, Sharkoon made our most popular mouse mat even better – Sharkoon furnished the textile surface with a water-repellent coating, and, in addition, all the edges have been precisely laser cut, thus preventing any unsightly fraying around the mat – Like all the gaming mouse mats in the 1337 series, the V2 also has a completely nonslip rubber underside and a textile surface for optimal sliding properties for all types of sensor A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR ALL PURPOSES – The 1337 V2 gaming mouse mat is available in the sizes M, L, XL and XXL – The size M has a length of 280 millimeters and a width of 195 millimeters, being especially made for use with mobile devices such as notebooks and tablets – The size L, with a length of 355 millimeters and a width of 255 millimeters, will even fit on top of smaller tabletops – The XL, with its length of 444 millimeters and width of 355 millimeters, will offer enough space for maneuvers which have to be executed in the frenzy of the game – Anyone who wants to cover nearly all of their gaming tabletop with an excellent sliding surface can go for the XXL variant with its gigantic 900 millimeters length and 400 millimeters width – At 1.4 millimeters for the M and L variants and 2.4 millimeters for XL and XXL, the mouse mats are conveniently slim and low-profile as well as being robust SMOOTH GAMING AND WORKING – The 1337 V2 keeps to a proven and reliable textile surface, which is not only robust and durable but also offers minimal drag and negligible start resistance – The mouse mat thus provides exceptional sliding no matter which mouse sensor type is being used – The underside is made of stable rubber, preventing the mouse mat from inadvertently slipping while gaming or while working WELL PROTECTED AND EASY TO CLEAN – In addition to its optimal sliding properties, the textile surface has a water-repellent coating, preventing damage caused by drinks spilled during hectic gaming or by other small accidents with fluids – Moreover, the 1337 V2 can be simply freed of dust and dirt under running water TIDY EDGES WITH NO FRAYING – The edges of the 1337 V2 have been cut with absolute precision by laser – This effectively avoids fraying around the mouse mat and maintains its neat appearance even after a long period of use OPTIMALLY MADE FOR TRANSPORTING – Thanks to its flexible materials, the 1337 V2 can be simply rolled up whenever required – The mouse mat can thus be conveniently stored and accompany its owner to LAN parties, eSport events or while working outside of the office Specifications GENERAL – Surface: Textile – Nonslip Rubber Base: Yes – Laser Cut Edges: Yes – Water Repellent Surface: Yes – Height: 1.4 mm – Weight: 60 g – Dimensions (L×W×H): 280×195×1.4 mm

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