Elsist UPS NemoLED80 800VA/360W, Line-Interactive, 2×Schuko, 1×7Ah, 10min. autonomija

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Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Full power protection. – Electrical noise suppression, voltage and overvoltage peak suppression, autonomy, are common requirements to many UPS types. This UPs provides a wider voltage range capability, in addition to the aforementioned characteristics. Within this wide voltage range, the load is supplied without any support from the battery. This feature not only protects your computer, but also improve and increases battery lifetime. Cold start function (DC Start). – All NEMOLED models are equipped with cold start function, which means that even if the power supply is unplugged, the UPS can be activated simply by pushing the ON / OFF switch and will operated supplied by the battery. Autorestart. – Upon returning the Mains, the UPS will restart automatically. Overload protection. – The internal microprocessor controls the load status in any operating conditions. In the event of overload or short circuit, your UPS will beep or will automatically turn off to avoid undesired damage to the load. Modem connection and protection. – Two special connectors RJ45/RJ11, will protect your Modem or your LAN 10Base-T network from any noise generated by the phone line. Specifications Input – Input Voltage: 220-230-240Vac – Input voltage range: 162-290Vac – Frequency: 50/60Hz (auto selection) Output – Output Voltage: 230Vca – Wave type: Simulated sine wave – Output voltage range: 10% – Frequency: 50/60Hz (following input frequency) – Power (VA/W): 800 / 360 – Switching time: 2-6 mS tpc, 10ms max – Outlet Schuko: 2 – Noise Filtering: Yes BATTERY – Autonomy time typ.: 10 min – Battery Voltage: 1x 12V/7Ah – Type: Maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid – Recharge time: 6-8 hours at 90% after a deep discharge PROTECTION – Overvoltage/Undervoltage Switch to “Battery Mode” – Overload/Shortcircuit Electronic limit (both on “Mains mode” and on “Battery Mode”) AUDIBLE ALARM – Battery mode: 1 time every 10 sec – Battery low: 1 time per sec – Overload: 1 time every 0,5 sec – Fault: continuosly MECHANICAL – Dimensions (LxPxH) mm: 101x282x142 – Weight (Kg): 3,5 ENVIRONMENT – Ambient Temperature: 0-40°C ,Humidity 0-90% without condensing, altitude max 3000 mt. – Audible Noise: < 40dbA (at 1mt.) STANDARD IEC/EN62040-1 IEC/EN62040-2 IEC/EN62040-3 IEC/EN60950-1

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