CHERRY MA 6.0 UNI USB Višenamjenski nosač mikrofona sa integriranim USB hub-om

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Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Multifunctional and universal microphone arm with integrated USB hub – The CHERRY MA 6.0 UNI USB microphone arm provides a great deal of freedom of movement on your desk. With the help of a clamp, you can attach the microphone holder to the desk and freely adjust the angle using the stable swivel arm until you have found the optimal position for your microphone. Thanks to the integrated USB hub with two ports (5V/2A), you can combine not only a microphone with the arm but also an additional device. A 2.5 m USB cable inside the holder ensures your workspace always looks tidy. A professional microphone arm for those who love everything nice and tidy – Do you know that feeling when you are trying to record a Let’s Play or a video tutorial and you just don’t have enough space on your desk to operate the keyboard and/or mouse at the same time? We have the solution: Combine your microphone with the CHERRY MA 6.0 UNI USB holder and create a neat working environment. The microphone holder can be easily attached to the table via a clamp and then offers a stable hold for your microphone. It easily supports up to 800 g and, thanks to its swivel arms, allows you great freedom of movement. You can freely adjust the angle yourself and find the optimal position for your microphone. Optimized aesthetics: Internally routed USB cable – With the CHERRY MA 6.0 UNI USB, you not only benefit from an integrated USB cable with a total length of 2.5 meters but this cable has also been routed inside the arm. Tangled cables are thus a thing of the past and your workspace is always nice and tidy. CHERRY MA 6.0 UNI USB: The name says it all – The CHERRY MA 6.0 UNI USB mic arm not only complements a CHERRY UM MICROPHONE SERIES mic perfectly: It is also compatible with a wide range of other microphones as well as many other digital devices and can therefore be used universally. The existing 3/8"" threaded connection can be easily extended with the included 5/8"" adapter. In addition, the microphone arm boasts a built-in USB hub with two ports (5V/2A). This allows you to connect another device in addition to the USB mic, such as a ring light or a smartphone with charging cable. On top of that, both can also be easily attached to the microphone arm, for example with an extra clamp. And the icing on the cake: you get a total of four connection cables with the CHERRY MA 6.0 UNI USB microphone holder: A USB-A to USB-B, a mini-USB, a micro-USB, and a USB-C cable are all included with the microphone arm. Features – Extremely stable microphone arm made of aluminum in classic black with table clamp (up to 60 mm) – Swivel arm allows set-up at any angle – Built-in USB hub with two ports (5V/2A) provides connectivity for multiple USB devices – 2.5 m USB cable integrated – 3/8" threaded connector with extra 3/8"-to-5/8" adapter included – Maximum load of up to 800 g – Four connection cables included: USB-A to USB-B, mini-USB, micro-USB and USB-C Specifications – SKU: MA 6.0 UNI USB – General – Width of product without packaging (mm): 3,15 in – Warranty: 2 years warranty – Weight main product: 46 oz – Height of product without packaging (mm): 2,28 in – Max. storage temperature: 131 °F – Min. storage temperature: 23 °F – Length of product without packaging: 44,09 in – Scope of delivery: UM POP FILTER, Mic Arm, USB-A to USB-B adapter, USB-A to USB-C Cable, USB-A to Micro-USB Cable, USB-A to Mini-USB Cable

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