Cherry DW-9100 Slim bežična/BT tipkovnica + miš, AES-128 enkripcija, bijelo/siva

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Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


RECHARGEABLE DESKTOP SET WITH THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF DESIGN AND FUNCTION – The CHERRY DW 9100 SLIM combines innovative functions, outstanding workmanship and a very slim design – The mix of aesthetics and optimum comfort is perfect for any modern work desk WIRELESS RF OR BLUETOOTH TRANSMISSION – THE CHOICE IS YOURS – Why choose one or the other when you can have both? – A switch on the keyboard and mouse lets you toggle instantly between Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connectivity – The USB receiver for 2.4 GHz wireless transmission is included in the bundle. In both cases, data is transferred with AES-128 encryption over a range of up to 10 meters THE CHARGING CONCEPT – CARRY ON WORKING WHILE YOU CHARGE – The rechargeable lithium batteries power the keyboard and mouse for weeks on a single charge – Even when the status LEDs indicate low batteries, you can keep on working in comfort while simply charging the cordless desktop set with the USB-C charging cable supplied – To make the battery last even longer, the set has an ON/OFF switch THE KEYBOARD – STABLE AND FLEXIBLE AT THE SAME TIME – Excellent design and high quality go hand-in-hand with the CHERRY DW 9100 SLIM – A metal plate provides maximum strength and stability while the keyboard remains flat – In terms of flexibility, it leaves nothing to be desired – The separate, magnetic support bar can be fitted in seconds to provide a steeper typing angle – When not in use, it can be removed just as quickly MAXIMUM COMFORT – EVERYTHING A KEYNOARD NEEDS – The basis for the excellent typing feel of the CHERRY DW 9100 is the high-quality SX scissor mechanism – The defined and precise pressure point is similar to a laptop keyboard and is key to productivity at work – The three status LEDs integrated in the keys are also very useful – Theres no need to look whether the shift key, scroll key or Num-Lock keys are activated – These keys also flash to warn that the battery is getting low – The additional keys on the cordless keyboard have been chosen with practicality in mind – The desktop set only has the most important and frequently used keys: "Windows lock", "Open browser", "Volume Down", "Volume Up", "Mute" and "Open calculator" – This keeps the cordless keyboard tidy and is very user-friendly THE MOUSE – DESIGN MEETS COMFORT – With its numerous features and rubberised sides, the cordless mouse a worthy partner for the keyboard – The compact shape creates an ideal form for the hand that feels instantly familiar – A DPI switch lets you switch between three levels at the touch of a button: 1000/1600/2400 dpi. A two-color status LED provides information on the battery status, the charging status, the selected resolution or the connection status at any time – The cordless mouse, which can handle any mobile use, has an exceptionally durable mouse wheel – It continues to scroll effortlessly throughout the day. Even the USB receiver has its own place in the mouse – A magnet keeps it secure and is always ready for use Features – Decisive advantages – Optionally connected using Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz wireless unit – both with AES-128 encryption – Lithium batteries can be recharged in mouse and keyboard via USB-C – Status LEDs show low residual battery charge, charging status and mouse resolution – Additional status LEDs for the CAPS LOCK, NUM and SCROLL keys – Extra-small nano receiver for wireless operation – 6 mouse buttons and scroll wheel – Precise sensor with resolution adjustable in three stages up to 2.400 dpi – Durable key labels – Solid metal plate in the keyboard for maximum stability – Precise scissor mechanism for an ideal operating feeling – Magnetic support bar for inclination adjustment Specifications KEYBOARD – Design: Chiclet layout with numeric keypad – Key technology: SX – Service life of standard key >10 million strokes – Magnetic support bar for inclination adjustment – Power supply: rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 650 mAh (permanently installed) – Status display: Caps lock, Scroll and Num Lock key, battery status (via LED in keys) Bluetooth connection, wireless and battery charge status (bi-color LED) – Number of keys: Depends on product, see table – Number of additional keys: 6 – Additional key functions: Windows lock, open browser, volume down, volume up, mute, calculator MOUSE – Resolution: 1000 dpi / 1600 dpi / 2400 dpi (switchable) – Number of keys: 6 – Function buttons: right-click, left-click, scroll wheel, browser forward, browser back, DPI switching – Mouse wheel design: Scroll wheel with key function – Design: Symmetrical – Power supply: rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 550 mAh (permanently installed) – Status display: Bluetooth connection, wireless and battery charge status (bi-color LED) – Housing color: Depends on product, see "Models" table – Key color: Depends on product, see "Models" table RELIABILITY – MTBF: >80.000 hours CONNECTION SOCKETS – USB-C socket for charging cable OPERATING TEMPERATURE * 0C to 40C, max. 85% humidity STORAGE TEMPERATURE * -15C to 60C, max. 85% humidity TRANSMISSION RANGE – approx. 10 m FREQUENCY RANGE * 2.400 GHz – 2.4835 GHz TYPE – Wireless 2.4GHz / Bluetooth DIMANESIONS – Keyboard: approx. 440×130×15 mm – Mouse: approx. 99×62.5×33.5 mm – Receiver: approx. 19×14.5×6.5 mm – Support bar: approx. 423×13.5×13.7 mm – Charging cable: approx. 120 cm DELIVERY VOLUME – Keyboard – Mouse – Fabric pouch for mouse – Nano USB receiver – Magnetic support bar – USB-A/USB-C charging cable – Operating instructions

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