AEG UPS Protect B PRO 3000VA/2700W Tower/Rack, Line-Interactive, LCD display, Overvoltage protection (RJ11/RJ45), USB/RS232

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Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!


Dostupno kod dobavljača. Isporuka 3-5 dana!

High level flexibility – Intelligent functions – Modern VI (line-interactive) protection technology with sine wave output voltage – Lower operating costs by higher efficiency (0.9lag power factor) – Compact dimensions and variable use due to combination design tower/rack, display rotateable – Overvoltage protection (RJ11/RJ45) for phone, fax, modem and network – Configuration directly via multilanguage display; display shows most important UPS figures – Intelligent monitoring with USB- and RS232 interfaces; parallel mode with expansion slot possible – With its increased power factor of 0.9lag the Protect B. PRO belongs to the most efficient line-interactive UPS systems – The parallel operation of USB/RS232 interface and the extension slot now enables more communication possibilities – Also the design of the UPS has been improved and fits the requirements of modern IT equipment – The UPS can be configurated directly via operator panel and with the innovative folding mechanism batteries can be changed without disconnecting the UPS – With the included accessories and the rotateable display the UPS can be used as rack or tower version Technical Specifications – Type power: 3000VA/2700W UPS INPUT – Input voltage: 220Vac / 230Vac / 240Vac – Input voltage range without battery mode: 1822280Vac – Frequency (auto selection): 50/60 Hz +/- 5 Hz – Current consumption (max.): 14.5 A UPS OUTPUT – Rated output voltage/AVR-technology: 220Vac / 230Vac (default) / 240Vac +/- 10% (+/- 3% free running) – Frequency in battery mode: 50/60 Hz +/- 1 Hz – Output current (on 230Vac): 13 A – Transfer time at mains outage: 2-6 ms (typical), 8 ms max. – Voltage waveform: Sinusoidal – Overload response (VI operation): < 120% for 5min. / 120-150% for 10s / >150% for 1s – Overload response (battery operation): < 110% for 1min. / 110-150% for 10s / 150-200% for 500ms BATTERY - Type: Sealed, maintenance free, hot swappable - Integrated: Yes - Rated voltage: 72 Vdc - Battery management: temperature compensated with overload and deep discharge protection - automatic battery test - batterypack detection - Autonomy time in min. (full/half load, pf=0.9lag.): 4 / 11 - Charging time (to 90% of rated capacity): 6 h COMMUNICATION - User interface: LCD display with digital indication of UPS relevant values - Interface: RS232 & USB (with status notification and UPS figures), additional communication slot in parallel mode (SNMP/relay card); input contact for emergency power off - Shutdown software (on CD): 5 network licenses for all common OS (for e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac) - Failure indicators (acoustical/optical): 3 LED indicators show UPS status, detailed indication via LCD display (mains failure, overload, battery discharge, battery replace, fan failure) GENERAL DATA - Efficiency (in ECO mode): > 97% – (at whole AVR range): > 90 % – Audible noise at 1 m distance (max.): <= 55 dB (A) - Ditto at ECO mode and max. 70% load: <= 45 dB (A) - Operating temperature range: 0C to +40C - Storage temperature range: -20C to +50C - Data lines protection: RJ11 (Phone/Fax/Modem) / RJ45 (Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s) - Humidity: 0 - 90% (non condensing) - Installation height / transportation: operation up to 1000m at full load / air freight up to 10600 m - Mains input: IEC 320 C20 - Number of outlets / of them controllable: 7/3 (via connectors: 6× IEC320 C13, 1×IEC320 C19) - Equipment colour: black metal case / silver front - Size approx. (W×H×D): 482.6×88×640 mm - Weight approx.: 29.5 kg

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