MikroTik (LHG XL HP5) High Power 630mW 5GHz…

MikroTik (LHG XL HP5) High Power 630mW 5GHz…


MikroTik RBLHG-5HPnD-XL (LHG XL HP5), is a compact and light wireless device with an integrated 27 dBi grid antenna at a revolutionary price. It is perfect for point to point links or for use as a CPE at longer distances. Compared to the standard version, this has a 3dB higher transmit power and antenna gain is 2,5dBi higher than standard version. Antena beamwidth 6,4 . VSWR 1.5:1. Dish dimension O 550 x 245 mm; The device comes disassembled for compact shipping, but is very easy to assemble and includes a simple to use grounding attachment point. The package also contains a small adapter for tilting the antenna five degrees from the original position.

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