Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac#

  • Ubiquiti Networks Directional Dual-Band Antenna for…

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    Ubiquiti Networks UMA-D, Optional Directional Dual-Band Antenna designed to work with the UAP-AC-M. Dual-Polarity Optimized for 802.11ac. High Efficiency Directional Radiation Pattern. Three-Axis Ball Joint Mount for Precise Aiming. With dual-band support, the UMA-D expands range coverage and provides customized pattern shaping. Encased in UV-stabilized plastic, the UMA-D can be used indoors or outdoors. Dimension 201.3 x 128.0 x 32.5 mm. RF Connections (2) RP-SMA. HPOL Beamwidth 2.4GHz 90 , 5GHz 45 . VPOL Beamwidth 2.4GHz 90 , 5GHz 45 . Max VSWR 2:1. Antena Gain 2.4GHz 10 dBi, 5GHz 15 dBi. Wall Pole (Kits Included)


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