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    Planet 8 Channel Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

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    Planet HDVR-830, 8-Channel Hybrid Digital Video Recorder, Motion Detection, H.264 on Analog and ONVIF IP Cameras, Multi-Language, 1 x 3.5″ SATA hard disk connector (supports max. 4TB HD), 2*USB for backup device and Mouse, HDMI VGA video interface, 2-Way Audio, RS485, ONVIF, Output, PLANET Easy-DDNS, Mobile APP, 8x BNC Interfaces, 1 x RJ45 10 100BASE-TX, Resolution IP camera: 1080P, Analog camera: D1 HD1 CIF, Supports Analog cameras: 8-ch HD1 8-ch D1 or Analog cameras IP Cameras: 2-ch D1 (1-ch 1080P 1-ch 720P) or IP Cameras: 9-ch D1 8-ch 960H 4-ch 720P 2-ch 1080P 1-ch 720P 7-ch D1 1-ch 1080P 1-ch 720P 2-ch D1


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